STEP 8: Prepare the contents of your kitchen cabinets for removal.
Allow adequate time to remove the contents of you cabinetry prior to installation. Do not remove the cabinets until the new ones are delivered.

STEP 9: We will notify you when your order is received.
You can either pick them up or schedule a delivery and/or installation at this time. Final payment is due when cabinets are delivered.

STEP 10: Remove and install the cabinetry. When completed, call for measurement of your counter top.
Any specialty sinks, faucets, or appliances should be available when installing cabinetry. Sink model information and special sinks or sink templates should be on site when counter top measurements are taken.

STEP 11: Your counter tops will be delivered and installed according to the product's lead time.
Consult with your designer about lead times and interim counter top / sink options.

STEP 12: Spread the news.
Enjoy your space, Share it with family and friends. Feel free to tell us about your experience, or share it on Facebook. We appreciate the feedback.