customize your quote to your space

Providing us with preliminary measurements will allow us to customize your quote to your existing space until you are comfortable with your choices that fit your budget. Keep in mind, we will professionally measure the space prior to ordering, but accurate and complete information at the beginning will help reduce plan adjustments after measuring. Here is what we need you to do so we can design your kitchen.

Basic measurements

Step 1: Draw an outline of the room. Add the approximate location of permanent fixtures along each wall, such as doors, windows, and openings. Include the sink, oven, and range locations.

Step 2: Measure the overall length of each wall. (Always measure in inches.)

Step 3: Measure the width of doorway and window openings, including the trim.

Step 4: Indicate the center of plumbing and range hookups. If a sink is under a window, divide the window measurement by 2 and put a mark at the center of your windowsill. (Use a piece of tape to protect the sill if necessary.) Then measure from any corner to the center of the window.

Step 5: Take horizontal measurements, including floor to ceiling wall height and window heights from floor to windowsill. Indicate and measure soffits if necessary.

Step 6: If the quote is for a counter top only, Indicate the placement of the cabinetry and appliances.

Helpful information

All we need is the basic information to provide you with an estimate, but other information is always helpful.

Step 1: Mark the approximate location of other pertinent obstacles in the area such as soffits, closets, heating/air vents (including those on the floor), switches, outlets and phone jacks, lighting fixtures, etc.

Step 2: Label the walls A, B, C, etc. Number the obstacles 1, 2, 3, etc.

Step 3: Working clockwise, measure the width and height of each obstacle.

Example: (Note center line of object as located on wall)
Wall A   Item 1   Electrical Outlet    45" from floor    67" from right corner          Movable
Wall A   Item 2  Disposal Switch    45" from floor    12" from right of window    Movable
Wall B   Item 3  Light Switch          55" from floor    8" from left of door trim      Permanent

Other things to consider:

  • Do you want an island?
  • Is this an eat-in-kitchen?
  • Is there a light fixture to consider, such as a chandelier?
  • Where do you want your trash bin located?
  • Is there a need for pet dishes?
  • Are you using existing or new appliances?
  • Is there a wall treatment that will be affected by a change in counter top height?