STEP 1:  Choose the color that appeals to you. 

*Granite is a natural product that has variations from slab to slab. The above pictures represent a general pattern. Visit the showroom for actual samples, and keep in mind that you will have the opportunity to pick out the actual slab used for your project.

STEP 2: Choose an edge profile.

STEP 3: Choose a sink. Below are some of our standard stainless steel options. Ask your designer about other models available.

Granite counter tops require proper care and maintenance to preserve their beauty. Make sure to keep your top properly clean and to seal it regularly. The need to seal can vary from top to top, depending on factors such as how often the top is used, and how porous it is, due to concentration of it's particulates, for example. We suggest finding a good sealer, and following the guidelines below. It is also helpful to follow these simple do's and don'ts as well.